Allégro Dance Academy Top Up Program

Our Top Up Program has been designed to supplement the dancer's current training and provide additional classes in RAD Ballet, Body Strengthening and Pointe Work Preparation. The classes have been created to improve and increase progress in classical ballet and other areas of dance for students who are serious about performing arts. Classes are open to all dancers. whether they attend another school or not, but prior consent from the student's current dance teacher is required before registering with us should they attend another school.

Students wishing to take our Pointe Work Preparation & Pointe Work class must also study RAD Intermediate Foundation with us. This is to ensure the students bodies are being fully prepared and developed in the safest way. 

Students will be accepted into our RAD Intermediate Foundation and Pointe Work Preparation & Pointe Work classes by audition only.

Please email to book your audition or to reserve your place.

Autumn Term 2019 Timetable


Location: Killermont Parish Church

1.00-2.15 RAD Intermediate Ballet


Location: Solasta Studios, Crossveggate, Milngavie

9.00-10.00 RAD Grade 3 Ballet

10.00-11.00 RAD Grade 4 Ballet

11.00-11.30 Body Strengthening

11.30-12.00 Pre Pointe Work & Pointe Work

12.00-1.00 RAD Intermediate Foundation Ballet

1.00-2.00 Private Coaching

Please email to book your place.

 Autumn Term 2019 Dates & Fees

Autumn Term 2019 (15 Classes)

Monday 19th August - Sunday 15th December

September Weekend: 28th & 29th September (No classes)

Half Term: 14th-20th October inclusive (No classes)

Autumn Term Fees

RAD Grade 3 / 4 Ballet: £112.50 (£7.50 per class)
Body Strengthening: £90.00 (£6.00 per class)
RAD Intermediate Foundation/Intermediate Ballet: £127.50 (£8.50 per class)
Pointe Work/Pre Pointe Work: £90.00 (£6.00 per class)
10% discount will be applied to full term fees for all students taking 3 classes or more.

Payment options are available (please see terms & conditions)

Top Up Program Uniform

Please see the Uniform section on the top menu bar for full details.

Uniform is mandatory for all students on our Top Up Program who take their graded class solely at Allégro Dance Academy.

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